Flow Use Case – New Task Button with picklist for selecting the record type

When our org migrated to Lightning, we were faced with an interesting issue: we had many task record types and in order to enable our end users to create tasks from the activity composer, we had to create a different quick action for each task record type. The result wasn’t pretty

Too many tabs

Our users wanted a simple button where they could create a task with one click and be able to select the task record type.
When I set out to build the solution, I started by using a Get Records element to query the record type object but soon realized that I can’t filter this list based on the record types available to the current user.

I was able to provide a nice solution using the new invocable action and quickChoice component found here on this site. I used the Get Record Type Info by Object action to generate a list of record types available to the current user. Then I fed the record type labels and Ids into the Quick Choice component. Finally I created the task and used the Navigate to Record action to open the new task in edit mode.

Get the available record types
You need to check this box to store the output value
The new task Id is fed into this action
And this is the completed flow
Here is the end user experience