How to use ISCHANGED and PRIORVALUE in Before Save Flows by GORAV SETH

GORAV SETH demonstrates how you can use ISCHANGED and PRIORVALUE in Before Save Flows
Check it out

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Alex Edelstein

Very nice!

Marie Niekamp

Thank you for posting! I’d love to learn more about Before Save Flows. If you have recommendations on other articles, please let me know.

Tamar Erlich

Hi Marie, there are several posts on this site about before save flows. Here is the link to the official documentation

Vishesh Maskey

After Save did not work
I was very excited to get rid of few PBs and did a Unit test to check out this feature for After Save. As you had mentioned in your comment it worked for After Save as well. However it did not seem to work for me 🙁

Vishesh Maskey

Actually this worked for me. The additional Update Records is not needed. The assignment does the update. Just wanted to leave this here if someone else is having the issue. Works both with Before and After Save.


Unfortunately it didn’t work in after save event, could you please explain if there is any way to check the ischanged in after event ?