Datatable – Latest Release Notes (v3.2.2 & v3.2.3)

Today, I’ve released a new version of the Datatable component. I’ve fixed a few minor issues and added a few new enhancements. The key changes are that pre-selected records are showing again, edited date fields should display the correct day (not the prior day) and there is a new Table Behavior option to hide the Clear Selection button on Datatables with radio button selection.

Updates: 3.2.3

  • When the running User doesn’t have Read access to the Datatable’s SObject, Record Type Id for Picklist Values is ignored and all picklist values will be available when editing a picklist field
  • Fields that are Read Only to the running User can still be edited when the Flow is running in System Mode

Updates: 3.2.2

  • Editable picklist fields now show a pencil icon when editable (Same behavior as all other field edits) – Thanks to Jerry Poon
  • Icon Pickers in the CPE and Configure Column Wizard have been updated to the latest version
  • Added a new attribute to optionaly hide the Clear Selection button that appears on a table with radio button selection

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed alignment of picklist fields when selecting Center or Right alignment
  • Adjust edited Date fields by the running User’s timezone offset to keep the correct day
  • Enforced no edits on fields such as Rollups and Formulas
  • Fixed occasional error message about the not_suppressNameFieldLink attribute
  • Fixed v3.2.1 bug where pre-selected rows did not display as selected