Datatable – New Version Release Notes

Eric Smith has released Version 3.0.10 of the Datatable Flow Screen component. Here are the Feature Updates & Bug Fixes included in this release.


  • Record links have been updated to now support a Flow running in a Community
  • Added a new Table Behavior option to specify if Links should open in the same Tab
  • You can now use a Flow variable to set the Maximum Number of Rows value
  • Changed the display of error messages to match the Salesforce standard
  • Allow all TypeAttibute settings for Date fields (This will switch datetime fields to UTC)
  • Added a Permission Set that gives access to the @AuraEnabled Apex Classes that are part of the Datatable Flow Screen LWC

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed incorrect links when running in a Sandbox whose name started with the letter c
  • Now longer require the Checkbox column if any columns are selected for editing
  • Reset the Number of Rows Selected to 0 when clearing the row selections
  • Retain the new setting when clearing a checkbox in the CPE
  • Fixed an error when trying to exit the CPE after selecting the Apex Defined Object option
  • Fixed the delay that occurred when selecting a large (>200) number of records
  • Fixed the delay that occurred when editing multiple (>20) records
  • Fixed an issue with being unable to edit Apex-Defined columns unless Type was specified
  • Made sure that the Key Field could not be edited
  • Now regular Textarea fields of 255 characters or less can be edited

This update requires FlowScreenComponentsBasePack Version 2.1.6 or later.