Datatable v3.3.0 – Save and Retrieve Configuration Settings

The latest release of the Datatable component adds a major new feature. You can now Save and Retrieve settings for your Column Configurations. If you find yourself adding identical or similar Datatables to multiple flows, this will be a tremendous time-saver.

Check out the updated documentation for all the details on how to take advantage of this new feature.

There is a new advanced attribute you can set to allow the Datatable to overflow its container. This is useful when you are allowing picklist fields to be edited on a table with only a few records and want to avoid causing the user to have to scroll up and down to see the picklist values.

The Table Height attribute is ignored when using this setting. This is not recommended for wide tables being displayed in a narrow container, because the table, if needed, will overflow horizontally as well.

Other changes in this release include:

  • Reduced the number of rows displayed in the Column Configuration Wizard from 10 to 6 to allow more of the new save configuration options to appear on the Wizard screen.
  • Fixed an error that ocurred when trying to save an edited row from a datatable that contained a time field.
  • Fixed a bug that kept Date and Time fields from displaying in datatables when the User’s locale displays numbers with a . separator instead of a , separator.
  • Rows with editable picklist fields will no longer default to a taller height (Even without picklist fields, all rows will still be slightly taller if any fields are editable).

Go here to install the latest version.