datatableV2 for Summer ’20 Updated!

For the latest on the Datatable component, please go here: Datatable – Lightning Web Component for Flow Screens

I have posted my official version of the datatable component for Summer ’20 orgs. Check out the Product Page for updated instructions, new see-it-in-action VIDEOS and links for installation and source code.

datatableV2 is a Flow Screen Component that allows you to configure and display a datatable on a flow screen. All you need to do is drag it onto the flow screen in the Flow Builder and give it a collection of records and a list of field names. The field label, type, and numeric formatting will default to what is defined in the object. Lookup fields are supported and will display the referenced record’s name field as a clickable link. The data being displayed can be filtered on a column by column basis. The user can manually resize the columns, wrap or clip text, and sort the rows by most any column.

Starting in Summer ’20 the Salesforce Object is specified at the time of configuration allowing just one version of this component to be used for all Salesforce Objects. I have also added support for user created Apex-Defined objects as well. See Flow & Process Builder List View with Batch Delete for an example.