datatableV2 for Summer ’20 Updated!

I have posted my official version of the datatable component for Summer ’20 orgs. Check out the Product Page for updated instructions, new see-it-in-action VIDEOS and links for installation and source code.

datatableV2 is a Flow Screen Component that allows you to configure and display a datatable on a flow screen. All you need to do is drag it onto the flow screen in the Flow Builder and give it a collection of records and a list of field names. The field label, type, and numeric formatting will default to what is defined in the object. Lookup fields are supported and will display the referenced record’s name field as a clickable link. The data being displayed can be filtered on a column by column basis. The user can manually resize the columns, wrap or clip text, and sort the rows by most any column.

Starting in Summer ’20 the Salesforce Object is specified at the time of configuration allowing just one version of this component to be used for all Salesforce Objects. I have also added support for user created Apex-Defined objects as well. See Flow & Process Builder List View with Batch Delete for an example.

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Jake Bullard

This is awesome! Can’t wait to use it!

Heath Parks

This is so awesome, this solves a number of problems I have had with being able to have records appear and take action on them via flow. Just the fact that it looks good too will help user adoption. IMO, this is one of the best features I have seen here for us regular admins who are learning more and more about flow and PB. Fantastic!

[…] form on the flow screen that can be manipulated, selected, sorted, etc, you should instead use the Datatable component. The action described here is mainly intended for when you want to output the data […]

Kenton Sanmiguel

Does this work for big objects as well?

Tyler Rendleman

when i try to deploy with the deploy to salesforce button i get the following error: Unhandled Exception : java.lang.RuntimeException: ERROR running force:source:convert: Expected file at path: /tmp/4791509774380696570/force-app/main/default/classes/SObjectController2 – Copy.cls-meta.xmlIdeas?

Tyler Rendleman

this works great! (thanks for the quick update). Another question. i have a record that has a date field. the date shows 7/5/2020 in the record in salesforce. but when i view that record in the datatable, it is showing 7/4/2020. i assume its a time zone issue – but is there a way to get the field in the datatable to show in local time, rather then GMT?

Oliver Bell

This is amazing!

Does anyone know how you could add inline edit for lookup fields?


Terry Chan

Hi Eric, this is brilliant. Unfortunately when I tried to deploy to a new environment I got the following package.xml version error. Any ideas?

Last edited 2 months ago by Terry Chan
Terry Chan

Apologies for last post – it didn’t like the screen shot. Basically deploye failed with error – package.xml: Invalid version specified:49.0

Stewart McNaught

Eric – Great job. Love what you have done with this.

I discovered an issue with Lookup fields to display the referenced record’s name field as a clickable link. So far the only object I see that with is the AccountTeamMember object.

Looking at your classes it looks like it should since you are changing the id to

Any Thought?

Stewart McNaught


Last edited 2 months ago by Eric Smith
Stewart McNaught

Thank you for removing the BLOB …

The Account Team record data is presented as the following table:
User Id\Team Role
005000000000001XXX | Sales
005000000000002XXX | Support

Last edited 2 months ago by Stewart McNaught

Hi Eric, Thank you for this awesome component! 🙂

Last edited 1 month ago by Yanir
Rutger Gernandt

Dear Eric, first of all this is incredible work! Thanks a lot!

I wonder if you ever looked at the List Builder blueprint ( too? Unfortunately not a standard component (yet).

I am looking into creating a component out of this blueprint myself anyway, and I think it would be really nice to have it as a invocable flow element, and would like to ‘quasi-fork’ your work for this (a separate repo is more convenient in this case imho), if this is ok with you?


This is a great component, I just seen to not get the lookup working for quotelineitem. I saw in your readme :
Handle lookup Objects without a Name field & Trap non-updatable Master/Detail fields
Thus would there be a way to see QuoteLineItems lookup Link or is this the limit you were talking about in your earlier post “My component is unable to display a link for a Master/Detail field that is not set to be “reparentable”.”

Many thanks