Dynamically Launch Autolaunched Flows from Other Autolaunched Flows

A more modern version is available here.

In this post, we recently discussed how you can dynamically launch new screen flows from a screen flow by creating a flow URL and opening it with your browser.

Recently, I had a similar requirement to launch autolaunched flows dynamically from a parent autolaunched flows. In this flow app, the user runs a definition flow to select the flows that they’re going to want run in the future under certain conditions:

The screen above uses the Flow List screen component to show lists of flows. In theory, I could add a big decision element with a subflow element for every flow in this list, but 1) that’s a lot of work and 2) if new flows are added, I want this to just work.

The autolaunched flow that uses this information triggers via Process Builder. It has the name of the flow. Launching the flow isn’t hard to do in Apex, so it was easy to create a Flow Action that makes this action available for admins.

The package comes with the test flows visible in the video.

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