Flow and File Upload


Salesforce makes a File Upload screen component available. It’s documented here. This component requires a recordId and associates the uploaded files with that record. It can accept multiple files and returns a collection of ids representing the uploaded file. These ID’s are of the type Content Document (Note that this is different from the older ‘Attachment’ Object Type).

More detail on the different ways files can be used in Flow is available here.


David Litton: The Lowdown on Uploading a File inside a Flow

Automation Champion:Enhance Productivity by Uploading Files Directly from a Flow!)

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Shawna Richardson

How would I make the file attachment/upload required?


I too would like to know how to make it required.

Last edited 26 days ago by Blake

How can you display the attached files within the component or on the screen. Example I want to attach multiple files, I attach, click Done..nothing displays, did it take? I now attach a second file, wait, which one did I already attach?
Additionally, I found I couldn’t use this component until the case was already created, i.e. have a record ID so I can’t keep it on the same screen as other questions. Anything I’m missing?


Hi Blake, you will need custom code to display what you need.The out the box file upload cmp is very limited.



I am using this component. However in Android i have specific issues where it is not allowing me to upload the file.. Anyone facing this?