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A Flow Screen Component that plays sounds

Created by Yumi Ibrahimzade ABOUTThis is a Lightning Component that plays a sound effect. It can be used on Flow Screens and Lightning Pages. In order to play a sound, you have to upload the sound file as a Static Resource and then enter the name of the file to the “Sound File” parameter. INSTALLATION […]

Custom Logging in Flows

Have you ever wanted to add your own logging to your flows? I’m not talking about the system logs, but rather creating your own log entries at specific places in your flow.I’ve had a couple of instances, where I could really use this. Both for debugging as well as simply tracing whether an auto-launched flow […]

quickChoiceFSC Now Supports Images and Icons on Visual Cards

Check out the latest update to quickChoiceFSC. Now you can display both Icons and your own Images on the Visual Cards.

Update N Records in Flow Without a Loop by Jessie Rymph

Jessie Rymph from the blog https://unhandledsunshine.com/ has published a post showcasing two new invocable actions available on this site showing how to Update N Records in Flow Without a Loop

De-dupe an sObject Collection Action and Schedule an Email in Flow

I recently posted an article over on LinkedIn on how we used an invoked action that lets you de-dupe an sobject collection and return either a text collection or a de-duped sObject collection. This can be used in so many ways, one of which is to de-dupe a collection based on OwnerId and then email […]