New Component! Record Type Picklist
Up to 4 levels of Picklist dependencies with full support for Record Type

New Update! Navigation Button
Add buttons to flow screens that load objects and manipulate the flow. Now allows you to find out if it was clicked. Useful for cases like this one:

OFFICIAL Labs screen component: Swipe Left/Swipe Right Multiselect

OFFICIAL Labs screen component: Visual Picklists

OFFICIAL Labs screen component: Service Agent Script

Custom Footer
Change the labels on your footer buttons.

Horizontal Rule
A customizable horizontal line, useful for section breaks and general organization

Image Button
Add Images to flow screens and access powerful css styling, including borders, margins, and padding.

An input control that can be configured to accept ten different types of data

Add padding to screens to define their height.

Add a combo box that searches and displays a specific object.

Dependent Picklist
A two picklist UI component where the values in the second picklist depend on what the user chooses in the first picklist.

Dynamic Question
Create questions that show and hide additional questions

Rich Text Input
Enter rich text into a flow screen

Rich Text Display
Display rich text, including indenting, strike-through and other features

Insert a rows-and-columns table into your flow screen. Select rows and then act on them.

Speaking Script
Display text in a prominent way optimized to be easy for an agent to read out to a customer