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Note that this is NOT an official Salesforce website and that some of the content available here is not official Salesforce-supported technology.

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A Big Honor For UnofficialSF: Some of Our Components Just Got ‘Officialized’!

As you can see from this new post from Salesforce evangelism, Salesforce has officially recognized the work being done by the Flowhana, and in particular by Eric Smith (Quick Choice), Chris Van Der Merwe (Calculate Business Hours), David Entremont (Save Records Async), Enrico Murru (Evaluate Formula), and Andrii Kraiev (many of the actions). I worked with Philippe Ozil […]

Convert Records to a CSV File

Ragan Walker and I over at CapTech Consulting have been hard at work at an insanely useful Generate CSV invoked action for you all. I consider this the inverse of Narender Singh’s ‘Create Records from CSV‘ action. We built this to fully utilize some of UnofficialSF’s awesome custom actions like ExcecuteSOQL, Send Rich Text Email, […]

The SOQL Wins Keep Coming: Execute SOQL action now supports date literals and ID literals

With version 1.3.2 of Execute SOQL, you can now pass in queries like these in your Flow and get back records: SELECT LastName from Contact WHERE Id = ‘1123xxx333e3e’ Query on date literal:SELECT Id from Contact WHERE CreatedDate = LAST_n_DAYS:14 Kudos to new contributor Ragan Walker, part of the impressive operation at Captech Consulting. Keep […]

Easy SOSL Searching with ‘Search with Apex’ from GravityLab

The community has done some great work bringing SOQL tools to Flow, but this recently published action from GravityLab demonstrates how you can use the recently shipped dynamic SObject support to allow for the first time, record searches in flow to leverage the same search Salesforce offers in the Omnisearch bar, complete with fuzzy logic […]