Flow Actions

Flow Actions get added to the canvas using the Action element. They’re powerful ways to extend the capabilities of your flow. Each action expects certain inputs from ‘upstream’ in the flow and makes outputs available.

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Individual Flow Actions:

ActionDescriptionTypeLatest Update
Calculate Business HoursCalculate Business Hours differentialsCalculations20_02_09
Commit TransactionCommit Transaction Limits6/13/201.0
Compare two Multi-Select PicklistsInvocable Apex that compares two multi-select picklist fields and determines their common and unique values.Misc17_08_26
Convert CSV to String Collection (or vice versa)Convert CSV to String Collection, or Vice VersaConversion20_02_101.0
Convert Date to Datetime Flow ActionConvert a Date Vale to a Datetime Value in the current Time ZoneConversion20_07_261.0
Convert Files to AttachmentsFile management utility that makes it easier to take files that are associated with records and email them as attachments using FlowConversion19_10_13
Date MatcherDate MatcherDates & Scheduling8/30/201.0
Execute SOQL QueryExecute SOQL QueryData20_02_171.0
Export to CSV FilesExport to CSV FilesData5/27/201.0
Extract Text From Non-Text FieldGet Text values from fields like Email and PicklistConversion19_12_04
Flow Actions for QuipA set of useful Quip integration actionsIntegration19_04_05
Generate Flow LinkCreate a URL from a recordId. You can then launch that URL from your flow with the Open URL actionNavigation19_12_271.1
Get Distance between Cities Uses Google Map APICalculations19_04_05
Get Field Descriptions for an ObjectGet Field Descriptions for an ObjectObjects and Fields5/17/20OBSOLETE
Now part of Flow Actions Base Pack
Get Flow Metadata (Info about the flow)Get details about a flowQueries5/12/20
Get Layout FieldsGet the Fields for a specific Layout. Useful for driving customized RecordDetail displays in Flow ScreensRecords and Layouts19_12_251.22
Get Layout Info by Record Type and ProfileGet Layout ID corresponding to a particular record type and profile combinationRecords and Layouts19_12_251.22
Get LimitsThe Get Limits component is designed to assist with exposing Salesforce governor limits within Flow. This app allows you to easily surface that information within an action step right within your existing flow and then also take action on the outputs if necessary.Misc20_09_25
Get Oracle SSN via AWSA demonstration of Direct Data Queries. Makes a REST call to AWSIntegration
Get Picklist ValuesSimple Flow Action to enable all flow designers to retrieve a set of picklist values to be used in subsequent stepsMisc19_07_04
Get Random NumberGenerate a random numberCalculations18_10_06
Get Record Type InfoGenerate a list of record types for a specific object.Misc.20_01_191.0
Get REST DataLoad data from a REST endpointIntegration
Import from CSV FilesImport from CSV FilesData5/27/201.0
Load Web Page Opens a new browser page or tab with a desired URLNavigation
Minimize Utility Bar WindowAllows you to minimize the utility bar item that is currently openMisc19_07_01
Navigate EverywhereNavigate to records, list views, and other destinationsNavigation19_12_261.0
Navigate to Related List (Deprecated)End a flow by going to a related listNavigationDEPRECATED
See Navigate Everywhere
Navigate to SObject (Deprecated)End a flow by Loading a Salesforce RecordNavigation
(Replaced by navigateToRecord)
See Navigate Everywhere
NavigateToRecordEnd a flow by Loading a Salesforce Record in either View or Edit ModeNavigation19_09_20DEPRECATED
See Navigate Everywhere
Object Available Record TypesFor a given target object, returns a list of IDs and an sObject collection of the record types available to the current userMisc
Open URLLaunch URLs into new web pages or tabs. Navigation19_09_16
Play SoundPlay audio from a file or urlMisc.
Post Rich ChatterPost Rich Chatter messagesCommunication20_01_041.0
Search for Records (SOSL)Search for Records using phonetic, fuzzy, incomplete searchs, or use SOQLQueries5/5/20.01
Send Better Email - Flow Action
Send Better Email from Flow - Significantly Enhanced and expanded Send Email ActionCommunication8/21/20022.0.1
Send Email via SendGridUse the high-performance email transport service in your FlowsCommunication19_12_03
Set Sharing Manually on a Lightning RecordSet Sharing Manually on a Lightning Record. Works around the absence of a manual sharing button in LightningMisc19_10_23
Show ToastLaunches a toast message to pop up on the screen.Notifications19_12_142.0
SOQL Query "LIMIT N" results"SOQL Query "LIMIT N" results"Queries19_12_26
Unlock Records (for Approval Processes)Provides actions for Unlocking records and getting their lock statusApproval Processes19_11_031.0
Update ScreenTell the browser to intelligently refresh a particular visible recordNavigation

Collection Processing Actions

ActionDescriptionTypeLatest Update
Add or Insert RecordTakes as input a collection of records and a single record, and an optional index value. Returns the combined collection.Collection Processing1.15
Copy CollectionTakes as input a collection of records and returns the collection as output, allowing a new variable or reference to have the same valueCollection Processing1.15
Count Records And FieldsTakes a collection of records and returns a count. Optionally also takes a field name and a field value, and then also counts the number of records that have that particular value for that particular field. Returns both the number of matches and the total number of records.Collection Processing1.15
Dedupe CollectionDedupe CollectionCollection Processing20_09_01
DeepCloneClone a record along with its child related recordsCollection Processing20_04_03
Filter CollectionFor every record in a collection, filter out all records except the ones that have a specified field that meets the provided criteria. Collection Processing19_12_171.12
Find Record in CollectionReturns all records from the inputCollection that have a field with name targetField that has a value of targetValue.Collection Processing1.15
Generate Collection ReportGiven a collection and a comma-separated list of field names, generates a string that includes all of the field values for every member of the collection.Collection Processing20_06_141.15
Get Child CollectionTakes a record and returns a specified collection of child records related to the input record.Collection Processing1.15
Get FirstGet the First element out of a collection. Collection Processing
Get Lookup CollectionTakes a collection of records and the name of an object related via a Lookup, and returns a collection of objects.Collection Processing1.15
Join CollectionsTakes two collections (of the same type, please!) and returns their union as a single collection.Collection Processing1.15
Map CollectionFor every record in a collection, change the value of one or more specified fieldsCollection Processing19_12_171.12
Remove Record from CollectionTakes a collection and an index integer. Uses the Apex List class remove method to remove the member of the collection at the index location.Collection Processing1.15
Sort CollectionTakes a collection and a sortKeys string formatted as key value pairs (example:

Collection Processing1.15
Upsert RecordsUpsertRecords provides functionality similar to the Apex ‘upsert‘ command.Collection Processing20_07_031.20.2

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