From Vincent Finet: Analyze your Org with OrgCheck

OrgCheck is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use Salesforce application in order to quickly analyze your org and its technical debt. Flow users, note that some of what it reports on relates to your existing automations.


How does it work?

  • You install this application directly in the org you want to analyse (sandbox or developer edition). It analyzes many different facets of your org.
  • Then, you navigate through the tabs in the app to discover what it has found.
  • More information at

How does it look like?


What are the use cases of the app?

  • Data Model
    • Get all information of an Object in a unique page
    • List all Org Wide Default in a unique page
    • Identity custom fields with bad practices
  • Profile and Permission Set
    • Identity custom profiles that are not assigned
    • Identity permission sets that are not assigned
    • Identify permission sets and profiles correlations
    • List IP and Login Hours restrictions on all profiles
  • Role hierarchy
    • Check if your role hierarchy is not too deep
    • Show role hierarchy in a diagram with empty roles identification
    • List roles with bad practices
  • Users
    • List users that never logged
    • Key system permissions for each users
  • Public group and Queues
    • List groups and queues
    • Identify all users of groups and queues (recursive computation)
  • UI Composants
    • List Visual Force pages and components with bad practices
    • List Aura and LWC components with bad practices
  • Apex Composants
    • List Apex Classes with bad practices (old API version, no explicit sharing, etc.)
    • List Triggers with bad practices (contains logic, DML, SOQL, etc.)
  • Automations
    • Workflow rules without actions
    • Process Builders / Flows
  • Batches
    • Failed jobs
    • Scheduled jobs