Version 1.1.1 of Flow Flexcard

This version includes a few community requested enhancements to Flow Flexcard. It includes rich text fields now supported in visible fields, multi-select of cards, header style control, and some overall UE enhancements. Check out the details below.

The first new addition was requested by quite a few people and that was rich text support for visible fields. Something to note here is the card size does not change based off of the field content so remember to either make your cards larger using the cardSize property or limit your field content.

Next up we have Multi-Select. When you set Allow Muli-Select to true it will add a checkbox input when marked as checked will add that individual card recordId to a output collection variable named selectedRecords.

Finally Header Style allows you to control how your header is presented to your users using a string input of HTML style tags. i.e. background-color:powderblue;font-weight:bold;

Here is a video walkthrough highlighting these updates

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