Get Record Type Info by Object – Flow Action

This action can be used to generate a list of record types for a specific object. This can be useful when you would like to present a record type selector to the user. Can be used as inputs to the QuickChoice managed package by setting Input Mode to “Dual String Collections”. Pass in one output collection for Labels and one for the underlying values


Object NameStringAPI name of the target object example “Task” or “MyObject__c”
ignoreMasterRecordTypeBooleanIf “on” then “Master” will not be added to the list of record types
onlyReturnActiveRecordTypesBooleanIf “on” then only active record types will be added to the list
onlyReturnRecordTypesAvailableToCurrentUserBooleanIf “on” then only record types available to the current user will be returned


errorsStringcaptures details of any error that occurred
recordTypeIdsStringIds of the records types.
recordTypeNamesStringNames of the record types.


Install this action as part of the QuickChoice managed package or as a standalone package.


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  1. Heath Parks
    Heath Parks says:

    First off, Love this! But I have a question about assigning the selected value to the correct record type when doing a decision. I created a variable for the value but in my decision action I had to hard code the “value” of the actual record ID to do the match. I know we shouldn’t hard code id values in a process or flow, but I don’t know how to get around this. Wish I could attach a screen shot, but any suggestions?


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