Lookup now supports multi-level dependencies

A Salesforce team in Great Britain reached out to me recently with an interesting use case for the unofficialsf.com Lookup component.

Back in 2018, I enhanced the original Lookup component to support Parent/Child lookups.  This type of dependent lookup allowed admins to create Flows that could request related information on a single screen rather than having to always go to a new screen in order to reference a value entered on a previous screen.

These Parent/Child lookups made it very easy to do something like lookup an Account and then have a lookup for Contacts that would only present a list of Contacts related to the previously selected Account.

What Kehzar Mohammed and Mahadevan Venkata wanted to do was to extend the Parent/Child relationship to include another level (Grandchild).  Their use case was to have the user select the Make of a Car, then based on the Make, select a Model of the Car, then based on the Model, select a Derivative of the Model.  This would be similar to my Account – Contact example above with the addition of then selecting a Case related to the selected Contact.

I updated the Lookup component to support a lookup that could be identified as Both a Parent and a Child lookup.  Now an Admin can configure the component to nest as many dependent lookups as they need.

Watch this video for a quick example of how this works for Kehzar’s and Mahadevan’s use case.