New Email Improvements with ‘Send Better Email’ Flow Action

Jack Pond has added major improvements to email sending via Flow with Send Better Email – Flow Action. This action replaces all previous rich/html Flow actions. Most notably, the new action features a custom property editor, providing easier configuration:

Jack has also added new support for Salesforce’s Mass Email sending service. This substantially increases the amount of email you can send with a single Flow.

You can now independently choose whether you want your email sends to be recorded as activity history and/or tasks. Additionally, you can now specify a desired email template by name. The action will now return a list of created task ID’s if you choose to have tasks created.

For installation, we’ve chosen to change the name of the action to Send Better Email. That means that its installation won’t be blocked by the existence of older Send Email actions. In general we seek to keep the name the same and enable seamless upgrade, but in this case there were too many changes. Going forward, though, we hope to provide improvements in a way that can just be updated in place without aggravation.

Install it here.