Convert Strings to String Collections, and Vice Versa

Some input parameters requires strings in one of two forms. Send Rich Email, for example, can take a list of string email addresses but can’t (currently) take a comma-separated-list.

This package provides a set of simple actions to convert data from one form to the other.

Convert from Collection to CSV String

This takes a string collection and returns a csv string.

Convert To String Collection

ConvertToStringCollection, can use a provided character as a delimiter. For example, if you pass in the output of a multiselect picklist and set the delimiter to a semicolon, you’ll convert multiselect picklist output to a collection of strings that can be worked on later in the flow.

Convert from CSV to Collection

This has been superseded by Convert to String Collection (see above)


Version 1.1 Unmanaged

Old Versions

Version 1.0 Unmanaged

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[…] new ConvertToStringCollection builds on the previous ConvertCSVToStringCollection. It lets you pass in a delimiter (a fancy word for “the character that’s used as a […]

Andrey Shestakov

How to Pass Mlultiselect Picklist Selected Values?

Hi Alex,
I’m trying to convert my multiselect picklist selected values into string collection to used it as an input on DualList Box.On the action Convert any String to String Collection as InitialString I tried to pass my ObjectRecord.MultiselectField__c but there is an error, as the Action doesn’t see the values of the field (null). However the filed has 1 choice selected, I can see it on Display Text.
So how exactly multiselect picklist selected values can be passed to the Convert any String to String Collection ?

Andrey Shestakov

The Action snip

Annotation 2020-06-25 135316.jpg
Andrey Shestakov

Sorry, completely my fault. the action works perfectly!
I was able to show selected values taken from the field on DualList Box.