Convert Strings to String Collections, and Vice Versa

Some input parameters requires strings in one of two forms. Send Rich Email, for example, can take a list of string email addresses but can’t (currently) take a comma-separated-list.

This package provides a set of simple actions to convert data from one form to the other.

Convert from Collection to CSV String

This takes a string collection and returns a csv string.

Convert To String Collection

ConvertToStringCollection, can use a provided character as a delimiter. For example, if you pass in the output of a multiselect picklist and set the delimiter to a semicolon, you’ll convert multiselect picklist output to a collection of strings that can be worked on later in the flow.


4/16/23 Version 1.2 Production Sandbox Categorized as Utilities; You can pass in an alternative delimiter to comma.

Old Versions

Version 1.1 Unmanaged

Version 1.0 Unmanaged

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