New Flow Content

Flow Builder Posts

Check out Arnab Bose’s post on the new Flow Builder. Arnab heads up product management for Lightning Flow. The new Flow Builder is part of this Platform press release, as well.

New Flow Solutions Category on App Exchange

A new Flow Solutions section has been added to the AppExchange.

This includes a range of new flow actions, components and solutions.

The New Page Components Section

  1. Eric Smith, who has added great value with his Lookup component improvements, has posted a couple of cool Page Components. These are designed to go not in flow screens but in Lightning pages. We’ve created a new section here. The new components include:

Field Update Button

This is a generic Lightning Component that can be used in place of a JavaScript button to set the value of a single field in a record. This is handy for using a button to trigger a Process Builder.

Quick Action Button

This is a generic Lightning Component that allows a Button to execute a Quick Action. The Button can be placed anywhere on a Lightning Record Page.