Flow Extensions April Update

  1. Lookup component now offers filtering

Due to huge code contributions from Eric Smith and datapharmer, the Lookup screen component has been substantially enhanced.
a) You can now filter the Lookup component based on a particular field:

b) but you can also choose to filter based on a where clause.

For example, if you wish to return only accounts of type “Vendor” or “Partner” you could enter the Object Name: “Account” and the where clause: “Type=’Vendor’ or Type=’Partner’

c) Finally, you can even create Dependent Lookup components, where the user looks something up in component 1, and then component 2 is filtered baed on the component 1 selection:

2. New NavigateToSObject Local Action

This great new action component from Salesforce Flow VP Arnab Bose provides a powerful new tool for controlling finish behavior. For example, you might have a flow that generates a work record. At the end of the flow, you can use this component to load the work record into your browser automatically.

Note that like all Local Action, this one requires that Spring ’18 orgs be enrolled in the open pilot, which you can request from support. Summer ’18 orgs will have this functionally generally available.

3. Summer ’18 versions of Local Actions Available

Summer ’18 orgs are starting to become available over the next 8 weeks. If you have one, your Spring ’18 Local Actions will stop working because of some changes made to interface names. However, Summer ’18 versions of all of the local actions at http://www.lightningflow.net are now available.