Summer ’21 Pilot Preview: Einstein Next Best Action on Flow! (Blog 1 of 4 series)

This sounds exciting!! How do I try it out??  Since it’s a closed sandbox pilot, reach out to your AE and you can get nominated. Your AE will be able to share the following resources: Also available as blogs right here! A detailed PDF with step by step instructions on how to get a Steelthread […]

Pilot FAQs-Einstein Next Best Action on Flow (Blog 4 of 4 series)

Check out these blogs for an Overview, Tutorial and More considerations for Pilot Here are a few FAQs you may have. I ‘ll start with the obvious one – Is Strategy Builder Going Away?? .. Is Strategy Builder going away? Why do we need 2 ways to build the same thing?  Great Question! No, it […]

Building a Scheduled Alert Generator with Next Best Action and Flow

Suppose that you have an NBA recommendation strategy that runs on Account record pages, generating insights and recommendations specific to a given account. Your salespeople have 50 accounts, and they don’t want to have to manually visit every account page each day to see if there’s something new waiting for them there. What do you […]