Video: Building NBA Recommendation Strategies with Flow Part 1

This video shows how to use Flow Builder to create a Recommendation Strategy flow that filters recommendations that can be displayed in the Next Best Action component. Go to the Next Best Action hub

Tracking Consumption of NBA Requests

Track consumption of NBA requests in your org in the Setup –> Company Settings –> Company Information page. There are two published metrics: In the Usage-based Entitlements section, you’ll find ‘Maximum Next Best Action Requests available’: This will show, in the Allowance column, the sum of the 5000 monthly ‘freemium’ org allocation and any allocation […]

Building NBA Recommendation Strategies with Flow Builder in Spring ’22

Here’s a new presentation that reviews the new way to build NBA strategies. This is the recommended path, going forward, and there won’t be additional improvements to the original Strategy Builder. Here’s a list of some of the new features that NBA Recommendation Strategies inherit when they are built in Flow Builder