Accessing NBA via the Tooling API

The Tooling API provides a way to get information about Action Strategies. I’m more familiar with the Metadata API, but in general Salesforce is trending towards the Tooling API as a more flexible, granular tool, and this is likely to increase. For performance reasons, metadata API deploys and retrieves will often trigger a recompilation of […]

Building Your Own Next Best Action Front End

You aren’t limited to using the lightning components that Salesforce has provided for displaying recommendations. You can POST your own execution calls to the Action Strategy Engine REST endpoint and get back recommendations as a JSON blob. Executing a Strategy To execute a strategy use one of the supported endpoints. It’s recommended that you provide […]

Transmit NBA Errors to Custom Notification Targets

When we built Next Best Action, we set things up to fire a platform event whenever an error occurs. You can leverage Process Builder and Flow to create custom notification profiles that flexibly get error messages to where you want them. Learn more.