Now Display Rich Text and Custom Links and Images in Datatables

For the latest on the Datatable component, please go here: Datatable – Lightning Web Component for Flow Screens

Thanks to a great addition from Kevin Hart (datapharmer), you can now display Rich Text, Images and Custom Links in your Datatables.

When you view a regular Listview with a Rich Text field, this is what you will see.

Here are the same records displayed in the Datatable component.  Notice the Rich Text, Images and Links.

The Datatable also supports Text Formula fields with Functions such as IMAGE and HYPERLINK.

Here’s an example of an IMAGE formula based on the value of the Type field.

Here’s how you can use Custom HYPERLINK Formula fields to display links that aren’t natively handled by the Datatable component.  This example adds custom fields to the Opportunity Lineitem object to display links to the related Opportunities and Products.

Best of all, you can create a Clickable Image using both the HYPERLINK and IMAGE Functions in the same Formula field.  

In the above example, clicking on any of the formula generated Logos in the first column of the Datatable will open a tab with the URL that is displayed in the Test URL column.