Quick Choice v1.4 – Help Text, New Record Detail, Bug Fixes

QuickChoice is an improved Picklist and Radio Buttons component for Flow screesn.

V1.4 includes the following improvements:

  • Every attribute now has help text available to make it easier when you are configuring the component for a flow screen
  • The install packages now include the latest (v1.5) of the Record Detail FSC
  • A bug has been squashed that caused only the last selected visual card to display as checked when multiple Quick Choice components were on the same flow screen

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Hi, there was a bug in version 1.27 with the radio display mode, I’m wondering if that is fixed in this version? The bug can be replicated by having “Dual String Collections” enabled and a display mode of empty or “Radio”. Then, have at least two options in the list of choices. Select one option, you’ll notice that the radio is filled out. Then select a different option. Now, the radio button is not filled out. If you proceed now, the selected value is actually both of the options you chose. Something like “223AAD,453FKE”. I want to install the latest… Read more »

Vijay Ramesh

Hi All,

Looking for your help here.

I am using Quick Choice component whereas ‘Value’ (The output selected value from the component) capture to Flow Variable (Text – data type). But the value is not available in Flow Variables, though user selected value from Quick Choice component.