Rich Text Input – Flow Screen Component

UPDATE: We recommend you use this more powerful, more recent version of rich text input

This is an extremely simple port of the standard inputRichText control to work as a Flow Screen Component.

screen shot 2018-01-24 at 9 01 56 pm

How It Works

This component exposes a single attribute called “value”. It can be used both as an input parameter to set the starting values and as an output parameter to pass out the selected time.

You can display the rich text output of these components in Flows, using either the standard Display Text Field or the new formattedRichText Flow Screen Component

Note, though, that the standard Flow Display Text field is capable of displaying some of the rich text effects, but not all:

screen shot 2018-01-24 at 9 05 12 pm

Variable Handling Notes

When added to a screen, this screen component currently has Manually Specify Variables (Advanced) turned on. to get the value out of it, you’ll want to map the value to a variable of type Text. However, you can also turn off manual specification of variables and use automation output handling. Some of the tradeoffs are discussed here.


We recommend you install the version at this page.

Older Versions

Unmanaged 1.2


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Josh Dayment

I couldn’t get the newest version to work unless I had default text in the component in the flow not sure if it is something I messed up or where the issues resides it all seems pretty straightforward let me know what info you need from me to help troubleshoot (if it’s worth it)


Send me credentials at and I’ll take a look


Hi Alex and thanks for your work.

Strangely enough, I can’t see and set the component label – I want to use it on a screen element.

Would you know why ?

Andrew S

This is great! I’m trying to figure out how to reference a User’s email signature with line breaks included. Any ideas? thanks

Josh Dayment

I added in text color and a label to the LWC in my org happy to share the code not sure where to share it I am pretty new to creating/adjusting my own LWC

Alex Edelstein

are you familiar with pull requests? We’d be happy to take one from you. learn more here:

Andrey Shestakov

My input value is record rich text field, output value manually assigned to the this exactly field. When initial value is null (empty text field), and I typed some text on my screen flow, the output value is still null.
If the input value is not null (some initial text exists), and I edited the text on the flow, the output value is the edited text.
Wonder why?

Andrey Shestakov

Even if input and output variables are different, when initial value is empty text, the output value is also null no matter what text was entered on the flow.

Annotation 2020-05-31 1849.jpg
Andrey Shestakov

When the initial value is some text, the edited text is relayed to the output variable.

Annotation 2020-05-31 1852.jpg
Chase Kaiser

For whatever reason, this component outputs null unless it has an input value. It’s workable even just putting a ” ” in the value input field, but I had to figure that out through trial and error so I imagine others will have problems as well

Ruth Smith

Occasionally my users are getting an error with the Rich Text input screen component – I added the ability to add images and when I have done troubleshooting it was always because of size of the text and images. They are ok with that but they are telling me they wish they could exit out of the error and change what they input but right now they can only exit the flow. Currently once the error does show, the buttons go away so even if they edit they cannot advance. User :”Shouldn’t there be a little box with an x… Read more »

Flow Error Rich Text Input Screen Component.jpg

[…] functionality, but can be difficult to employ and deal with properly, especially in Flows. unofficialSF (a tremendous collection of resources provide by Alex Edelstein, Eric Smith, and others) has […]

david cheng

What does “output parameter to pass out the selected time” mean?

david cheng

It’s not clear to me how to configure this. Is the “value” attribute supposed to be variable or actual content? I’m trying to fill in a Rich Text field in a record but nothing works. I’ve tried setting “value” to a text variable and to placeholder text, and I’ve tried manually assigning the output, but nothing gets assigned to the Rich Text field in my assignment step.

david cheng

OK the only way I was able to get this to work by doing the following:

1. Set some placeholder text in the value attribute.

2. Use the Manually Assign Variables option to store the output in a variable.

However I don’t want to use placeholder text. Is there anyway around this?

Alex Edelstein
Greg Jankowski

Is there a way to change the toolbar to the feed or base toolbar type?
I don’t want a user to see a simpler control.

Claudio Cocivera

Great component. However I was wandering how it will be possible to make the input required for the users. I tried adding some decision after the screen element based on lenght, value = null etc, but doesn’t seem to work. Any Idea?