Rich Text Input – Flow Screen Component

Updated 1/20. Cleanup. converted to LWC.

This is an extremely simple port of the standard inputRichText control to work as a Flow Screen Component.

screen shot 2018-01-24 at 9 01 56 pm

How It Works

This component exposes a single attribute called “value”. It can be used both as an input parameter to set the starting values and as an output parameter to pass out the selected time.

You can display the rich text output of these components in Flows, using either the standard Display Text Field or the new formattedRichText Flow Screen Component

Note, though, that the standard Flow Display Text field is capable of displaying some of the rich text effects, but not all:

screen shot 2018-01-24 at 9 05 12 pm

Variable Handling Notes

When added to a screen, this screen component currently has Manually Specify Variables (Advanced) turned on. to get the value out of it, you’ll want to map the value to a variable of type Text. However, you can also turn off manual specification of variables and use automation output handling. Some of the tradeoffs are discussed here.


Unmanaged 1.2


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  1. Josh Dayment
    Josh Dayment says:

    I couldn’t get the newest version to work unless I had default text in the component in the flow not sure if it is something I messed up or where the issues resides it all seems pretty straightforward let me know what info you need from me to help troubleshoot (if it’s worth it)


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