Mass-Modify Record Type Visibility on Profiles and PermSets with SetupViaFlow

SetupViaFlow is a new installable extension that lets you define changes to Record Type Visibility in Profiles and Permission Sets. This is normally done here:

Assigning Record Types to ProfilesAssigning Record Types to Permission Sets

In real Salesforce usage, orgs can have a lot of these objects, and admins have been asking for some automation tools to make these changes in batches for a long time.

SetupViaFlow solves this nicely. Watch the video to learn more:

As you may be able to infer from the name, the hope here is that Record Type Visibility is just the start of the things that this app will automate in Setup. It has been built in a highly modular fashion, and it will be straightforward to add other kinds of Profile and Permission Set settings to this tool. In fact, we’re looking for help growing the range of Setup activities that can be done using this approach. If you have suggestions as to what we should prioritize to add to this, leave a comment below.

Also see the additional Developer Deep Dive video at the bottom of this post.


This only works on custom profiles and permissions sets. But then, you don’t want to be playing around with the standard ones anyways.

This doesn’t support defaults on profiles for person accounts.


Step 1:Before installing this component you need to have on your org the Flow Base Components support package, version 1.3.2 or greater.

Install that here.

Step 2 : Install the current version of SetupViaFlow
Install Version 1.0.0 Unlocked 9/27/20

Step 3 : If you don’t have one on your org, add a Remote Site Setting that points back to your own org. The easiest way to do this for a new org is to run the flow in Debug mode and wait for this error:

which conveniently gives you the exact form of the URL you need to create a simple Remote Site Setting in Setup:



Developer Deep Dive