An UnofficialSF Milestone: 5000 Page Views in 1 Day!

Earlier this week, the publication of the Summer ’21 Preview enabled us to break our single-day views record here at, surpassing 5000 page views for the first time.

As you can see, this comes on top of the milestone we hit in March of more than 100,000 page views in a month and the mega-milestone of 1 aggregate million page views that we hit some time in January.

This makes UnofficialSF one of the largest Salesforce-related websites, if not the largest.

I want to give a shout out of appreciation to all of the community participants who have contributed to the growth of this site.

Big appreciation and credit to:

Eric Smith, who has put enormous energies to work, continually refining Datatable, but also delivering major improvements and modernizations to components like Lookup and QuickChoice, and a constant slew of additional innovation. Jack Pond, who has tamed the wild Send Better Email and is currently doing advanced explorations of webhook-to-flow technology. Adam White, who coordinated the construction of some very useful components and eventually made himself so useful that Salesforce hired him. Lately he’s been creating new value like his monthly summary Flowcast.

We actually have almost 50 different code contributors at this point. Josh Dayment cranked out a new, improved File Upload in record time, and then followed that up with a FlowCarousel component. And Josh teamed with Karan Pant to create the great new Flexcard component.

It’s great when someone creates a brand new component, but frankly an enormous amount of the aggregate value to the community is generated when members improve existing components. There’s Jeremiah Dohn, who added great features to Generate Collection Report,

We’ve had some great drop-ins by Salesforce architects and engineers like Mohith Srivastava, Ryan McConnell, and Brian Hayes, and M Hamza contributed on Custom Metadata, Evan Ponter on Navigation, Sharad Maheshwari with his Custom Header, datapharmer with contributions to Datatable, and many more.

I think this is just the start of We’re always looking for contributions and help. If you can write code, we’ve got components that need upgrading and if you don’t code there are still numerous ways you could contribute to the development of the site’s content. Post a comment here if you’d like to participate but aren’t sure how to start.

Onward to 10000 daily page views!