Send rich text messages to Slack using Text Area Plus!

The Salesforce to Slack integrations are many and there are some really great post-to-Slack actions out of the box but the biggest gap is when you have rich text/HTML markup you are entering in a screen flow and posting that message to Slack it doesn’t translate the HTML into Slack Markdown so it displays all of the HTML markups in your post maybe there is a scenario at the end of your screen flow where you need to bold a specific text that was entered in a screen. You now have that option with Text Area Plus! In this release, there is limited support for HTML to Slack Markdown. Text Area Plus! is currently supporting everything from the general editor in Slack except for Code Block and Numbered lists (it is on the roadmap for full support along with image support) for a full list of what you can do visit this help article on Slack.

Before Text Area Plus

After Text Area Plus

For download and full details visit the original post here.