File Upload Improved Now Includes a Custom Property Editor

I have recently been working often with file uploads in screen flows and of course, find myself using File Upload Improved to provide the best User Experience and get the best functionality out of the file uploads. As rich as it is in features setting it up could be a little painful and trying to get new developers and admins up to speed on what needs/should be filled out in the property editor was time-consuming. So I decided to hopefully make it easier for everyone and created a Custom Property Editor for File Upload Improved and made a few updates to the Flow Banner component that is included in the Flow Screen Components Base Pack as well. As you can see in the images of the before and after below the Custom Property Editor gives a cleaner and easier setup process for File Upload Improved.

Also included as part of this development was a minor change to the Flow Banner component it has been updated to allow for rich text so that we can provide better information and clear instructions on the components a developer builds. As an example, I included hyperlinks for resources pointing to the post here on unoffocialsf for File Upload Improved along with a resource link just to the file upload lightning component for those that want to dig in and learn even more.

For further details and installation instructions visit the original post here.