Flow Extensions March Update

1. Dynamic Question can have default settings

Version 1.1 of DynamicQuestion allows defaults to be set for each question, including the parent question. These default values can be a string or a Flow variable. Based on a request by JodieM. Get the new version here.

2. New MultiShim Flow Screen Component

This simple little component makes it easy to add extra padding/spacing to your Flow screens and make them line up better. Get MultiShim here.

3. Lightning Input, The super uber lightning input, by Ryan McConnell

I can’t even begin to tell you all this things this control does. It can do time. It can do sliders. It can do radio buttons. It’s basically a universal input control built by the Lightning Platform team, and now made available for Flow. Here’s a set of four lightningInput controls, set to the following types: color, slider, telephone, and week.

Get it here. Ryan McConnell, an engineer at Salesforce, built this sweet Flow component.

4. Send Email via SendGrid

This is the first Flow Extension that taps into the power of a non-Salesforce web service. Of course, Flow has a built-in Send Email element. But some users may want to use the powerful SendGrid messaging and templating services. Get it here.

5. Learn about Navigation Overrides.

Here’s an attractive new Flow you can install that demonstrates a couple of useful new tricks. It shows off the MultiShim component described above. And this flow also demonstrates how easy it is to override the Next and Previous buttons with two lines of Javascript and use attractive images as Flow Screens.

Check out the video here.