Lookup, a Flow Screen Component

This component has been superseded by this one: https://unofficialsf.com/lookup/

Watch the old Video. Go get this component

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Is it possible to have a child control a grand child? My use case is that from 1 screen I want the user to pick an account (lookupFSC component 1), then pick a project (component 2), then pick a requirement (component 3)


Hi there,

I am getting this error.

Exception occured: invalid ID field: Id Class.LightningLookupController.getFieldValue: line 141, column 1

i am creating a account and contact from a screen flow.

Can anyone help me solve this because i am getting this error everytime i submit account and contact ?


Hi Sam,
Can I use this component on new Lightning Flow Builder?


Frederick Mark Riley

Hi There. I am using the latest version of this component. Can we have a help text parameter added to this component? I need to explain to users that they have to select the default value of this component to ensure the lookup record is selected.