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Using Flow to Process Approval Requests Automatically

There’s a bug in Approval Process involving a feature that’s designed to auto-approve an approval request if a specified step entry criteria is not met. This post describes a way to work around that bug. This feature is normally activated here: When this feature works properly, you can see it displayed here: In certain situations, […]

Use Flow to Approve, Reject and Cancel Approval Processes

You can create a Resolve Approval Request action that allows your flows to approve, reject or remove Salesforce approval processes. The action looks like this: Input Attributes action Supported values: Approve, Reject, and Removed (See this for more info). approvalRequestId This can be extracted from email notifications. See this. comments Text provided here will be […]

Easily Extract Substrings & Tap the Power of Regex with FindText

Suppose you have a message like this, generated from an email you’ve received… “User User has requested your approval for the following item: https://ruby-force-1213-dev-ed.cs97.my.salesforce.com/p/process/ProcessInstanceWorkitemWizardStageManager?id=04i0U000000e9je Please click this link to approve or reject this record. Thank you,Salesforce” …and you need to extract that recordId. In the scenario that inspired FindText, the goal was to use Flow to auto-approve the approval request […]

Connect Powerful Einstein Discovery AI To Your Flows

Two recent articles highlight new tools to connect AI predictions to Flow. This one is by Salesforce Director of Product Manager Bobby Brill: This one by Salesforce engineer Alex Rich focuses on the use of the PREDICT formula function. His example shows PREDICT being used in Validation Rules, but the same use case is pertinent […]

From Jessie Rymph: How to display or upload a contact photo using Flow

Jessie Rymph over at her blog on Unhandled Sunshine posted a nice tutorial on how you can create a flow that lets users upload a contact photo or display their existing photo in a nice, clean, code free way utilizing Narender Singh’s File Preview component. Check it out