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Update: Custom Property Editors

Update: Custom Property Editors Changed Syntax The Custom Property Editor syntax has changed somewhat going from the pilot version in Spring ’20 to Summer ’20. Any CPE LWC’s created for Spring ’20 need to be modified. The revised syntax is: flowContext is now builderContext the event that reports a value change has been renamed from […]

Narender Singh Brings CSV Imports to Flow

You can now upload CSV data and turn it into Salesforce records with just a couple of Flow elements, thanks to Narender’s excellent response to the 1st Chance for Glory published a few weeks back. Make sure to check out his blog at https://forcepanda.wordpress.com/ (Interested in exporting records to CSV? Check that out here) Here’s […]

Quick Choice v1.4 – Help Text, New Record Detail, Bug Fixes

QuickChoice is an improved Picklist and Radio Buttons component for Flow screesn. V1.4 includes the following improvements: Every attribute now has help text available to make it easier when you are configuring the component for a flow screen The install packages now include the latest (v1.5) of the Record Detail FSC A bug has been squashed […]

Quick Choice V1.3: New Outputs, a Test Class Fix

QuickChoice is an improved Picklist and Radio Buttons component for Flow screesn. V1.3 includes the following improvements: The test class utility MockHTTPResponseGenerator was renamed to eliminate conflicts with existing installations that use this utility New Output Attributes: allValues and allLabels New Output Attribute: selectedLabel allValues and allLabels These are two new string collection output attributes. […]

Execute SOQL V1.2: Handles Flow Dates Properly and works with Flow Schedule and Record Change Triggers

The Execute SOQL action takes a SOQL string and executes the query, returning the records that you specify. It comes packaged with a graphical SOQL Builder component that you can add to a flow screen to let your users create their own queries at runtime. New for V1.2 Previously if you tried to pass a […]