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Note that this is NOT an official Salesforce website and that some of the content available here is not official Salesforce-supported technology.

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QuickChoice Update: Now with Column Width Control, Plus Bug Fixes

You can now pass in a number of pixels (default is 320) in the attribute “style_width” to set the width of the control. Problem preventing Get Layouts action from working in non-debug environments have been fixed. “ObjectAndFieldName” attribute has been removed to simplify the interface, which still has an Object Name and a Field Name […]

Flow and File Upload

Documentation Salesforce makes a File Upload screen component available. It’s documented here. This component requires a recordId and associates the uploaded files with that record. It can accept multiple files and returns a collection of ids representing the uploaded file. These ID’s are of the type Content Document (Note that this is different from the […]

Using Before-Save Flow and Custom Metadata Type to Update a Region​ Field

Salesforce Spring ’20 Release brings us a powerful enhancement – Flow Builder before-save updates. In the following article, Gidi Abramovich demonstrates how to use this feature to update a Region field. Check It Out

ProfessorFlow.com: A new Flow Blog with Datatable Mods and Visual Picklists

Chris Van Der Merwe has launched a promising new Flow Blog this week, starting out with an article explaining how to mod Eric Smith’s Datatable component for orgs where permissions limitations prevent the standard version from working. He has followed it up with a streamlined Visual Picklist component that automatically transitions to the next page […]