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Note that this is NOT an official Salesforce website and that some of the content available here is not official Salesforce-supported technology.

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Session Videos from Dreamforce

Here’s a list of all of the Flow sessions and their video links and slides(where available). Sorry about the formatting. Credit: Sam Reynard and Dary Hsu Session Name Recording (only available for breakouts) Slides Speaker(s) Track Format The Future of Automation on the Customer 360 Platform https://www.salesforce.com/video/7772150/ John Kucera, VP Product Management, Salesforce Platform Breakout […]

Creating a unique collection in flow by GORAV SETH

GORAV SETH shared a quick tip on his blog about a way to create a unique collection in flowhttps://goravseth.com/creating-a-unique-collection-in-flow

The Record Detail Component

The RecordDetail component provides new ways to display record fields in Flow screens. Flow excels in providing fine control over field combinations, but sometimes you just want to show a bunch of fields from a record in one place without a lot of configuration. This component handles all the formatting, provides 2 column layout, and […]

How to Include Chatter Posts on Printable Views

In Spring ’19 Salesforce added a Printable View button to many Standard and all Custom Objects. The Printable View includes the current user’s page layout and related lists. What it does not include are any Posts that users have added to the Chatter Feed. In this Blog Post, I’ll show you how to add a […]

Using SFDX to Easily Create Packages

My packaging pipeline has really improved in the last few months, thanks to sfdx and packaging commands that are now available. I thought I’d put together a video showing how to take a Flow/NBA app (or really any Salesforce app) and easily package with the most effective tools.