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Summer ’20 Flow Preview

I’m very pleased to again be able to share upcoming new Flow functionality! Preview Orgs can be obtained to try out this functionality. Complete Flow Trigger Support We’ve been adding triggers to Flow for the last couple of releases, and Summer ’20 finishes the job by adding support to trigger Flows on both traditional Process […]

Datatable LWC v2.0 for Summer ’20 Orgs

We now have the ability to dynamically specify SObjects to be referenced in Flows at the time of configuration! This is a game changer! No more editing source code for each different object you want to support. No more creating unwieldy components that try and handle multiple objects. I have updated the LWC version of […]

New Version Send Rich Email (Send HTML Email Action) 1.33.1

Ver 1.33.1 is a minor release for sentHTMLEmail action – EXCEPT saveAsActivity parameter now defaults to false. WARNING!!!! Emails activities will no longer be saved in the Activity stream unless explicitly using saveAsActivity = true. Email Activity tasks created with Templates now have subject and recipients in Task Comments Added Activity Date (Today) to Task […]

Update: Custom Property Editors

Update: Custom Property Editors Changed Syntax The Custom Property Editor syntax has changed somewhat going from the pilot version in Spring ’20 to Summer ’20. Any CPE LWC’s created for Spring ’20 need to be modified. The revised syntax is: flowContext is now builderContext the event that reports a value change has been renamed from […]

Narender Singh Brings CSV Imports to Flow

You can now upload CSV data and turn it into Salesforce records with just a couple of Flow elements, thanks to Narender’s excellent response to the 1st Chance for Glory published a few weeks back. Make sure to check out his blog at https://forcepanda.wordpress.com/ (Interested in exporting records to CSV? Check that out here) Here’s […]