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Note that this is NOT an official Salesforce website and that some of the content available here is not official Salesforce-supported technology.

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Flow Form Factor Helper Lightning Web Component

Ever needed to have access to the form factor of the client in which your flow is executing? Today that’s not (yet) natively possible. But with a simple Lightning web component we can determine the form factor. And as bonus, have ability to make the flow to progress automatically. Use-case? Think of a Flow invoked […]

Expert Flow Topics – Genetic Flow Patterns & Flow Metaprogramming

Every Flow is completely represented by a single piece of XML metadata, and you can download a Flow xml file, modify it, and redeploy it. But of course, you don’t. Because it’s dangerous to hand-modify the XML. It’s easy to break things down there in the basement. So we try to provide Flow users with […]

New Wiki Page on Flow Stages

We’ve added a new wiki page covering Flow Stages. As is the case with most buildouts of the wiki, this isn’t about a bunch of new content but more of an aggregation of all of the known existing good content on a single focused topic page. As such, everyone should feel encouraged to add good […]

From ForcePanda: The first Invocable Action that can perform SOQL on any kind of input

Narender builds on his “world’s first” blog post on invocable actions that use the new Spring ’20 generic SObject support with a new post that shows, for the first time, an action that carries out SOQL and can be used declaratively in any object scenario. The heart of his action is this line: string query […]

A New Datatable Component that supports ALL Custom Objects from Tigerface Systems

Tigerface has posted a free version on AppExchange of their upcoming Datatable solution. The thing that really jumps out at me is that they’ve addressed the core limitation of the existing unpackaged datatable flow screen components: its inability to support more than a modest set of standard object types. Tigerface appears to be solving this […]