The Top 10 Things You Want To Know About New Next Best Action

1. Generally Available

Next Best Action (NBA) is generally available starting today and the great news is that it’s enabled for all editions. But wait it gets better – every org receives 5000 requests per month for free!

2. Here’s the Getting Started Video

Ok, you heard that it’s free and it sounds very cool, how do you get started? Here is a great video to get the ball rolling.

3. Documentation is online

Need more information about Next Best Action? Here is some ever-improving documentation.

4. This post is part of a new, unofficial, community-powered site that hosts Next Best Action content

This will be a place where you can find tips and tricks, explore interesting use cases, share videos, and more. Here’s the home page. You’ll want to bookmark it for future reference.

5. There are 8 new How To Guides for additional Next Best Action features

Check them out here!

6. Lightning is recommended but not required

The Lightning Experience is not required to run NBA but it is recommended. Now, you’ll need Lightning to build NBA action strategies using the Strategy Builder. However, you can display recommendations on both Lightning and Classic experiences. With Lightning, simply use the out-of-the-box Einstein Next Best Action Lightning Component. With Classic, present your recommendations via VisualForce using Lightning Out. Want to learn more? Check this out.

7. You can add additional request capacity to your Org

If you love the product (and we just know you will) and want more requests, just contact Salesforce. What is a request, you might ask. A request is simply page loads and refreshes which result in your strategy being evaluated for recommendations.

8. Testing your strategies is easy

Like all good things, building the right strategy requires some trial and error. You can quickly test your logic and make sure you’re loading the right recommendations by clicking Test in the Strategy Builder. To learn more, check out this doc.

9. Recommendations can be displayed in a variety of places

Once you’ve built your strategy, you can embed recommendations in any app and even in a Community portal.

10. Early customer feedback shows tremendous productivity gains

We’ve already seen some early customer success stories and anticipate more in the coming weeks. One of our pilot customers, a European electronics company, experienced a 90% drop in agent hold times after adding Next Best Action. Before NBA, agents would spend almost 8 minutes and 9 painful clicks sourcing and pulling information before determining whether a customer was eligible for a special discount. With NBA, in less than 1 minute and with only 1 painless click, agents instantly know whether the customer is eligible and can quickly walk through a Flow to offer the discount.

New Guide: Use NBA with Visualforce

Click ‘Read More’ below.

New Guide: Use NBA with Salesforce Connect

To use External Object/Salesforce Connect in a Strategy there are a couple of steps you need to follow.

Learn more.

New Guide: Generating Response Reports in Next Best Action

You can do the following in NBA:

  1. Examine the Acceptance rates of propositions using standard Salesforce reporting tools
  2. Prevent Re-offers by leveraging the tracking of propositions exposed to a particular context target

Learn more.

Deployment Options and Roadmap for Next Best Action

In Spring ’19, you can deploy Next Best Action strategy metadata by using SFDX or Workbench, but there’s no support for unamanaged and managed packages and change sets. These will be supported in Summer ’19

New Guide: Using $User and $Request in Strategies

In addition to $Record, which is described here, there are two other system variables that can be used in Next Best Action.

Learn More.

New Guide: Triggering Refreshes

Next Best Action works best when it can react to changes in your Salesforce environment and produce a fresh set of recommendations. While you can always refresh your recommendations with a full page refresh, there are some other techniques that users and developers can use to make the process more subtle, automatic and responsive.

Learn more.

Next Best Action: Introduction Video Session

This introductory session of Next Best Action was given at Dreamforce ’18, and features several powerful integrations from Cogito, Conga, nCino, and IBM