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From Andre Tawalbeh: Tap into the Power of ChatGPT via Flow

You can enable users to make ChatGPT queries from within a screen flow: Andre writes: When at the end of 2022 ChatGPT became all the hype, I wondered what could be done with it when integrated with Salesforce? Could you unlock new ways CRM data would be utilized when an integration is done? What would […]

Developer Blog: LWC Best Practices for Screen Flows

Link: LWC Best Practices for Screen Flows Over on the official Salesforce Developer Blog the team published a critical addition to Salesforce’s compendium of best practices knowledge. While there’s plenty of articles out there that outline LWC best practices, very few talk about LWCs within screen flows.With the upcoming Reactive Screens effort going Beta (and […]

From Kevin Luptowski: Tips and Use Cases for Running Screen Flows in Slack

Kevin is arguably the world leader in integrating Flow and Slack! This post is dual-purpose: 1) to educate on how to make a screen flow available in slack and 2) to provide a downloadable example of a real world use case.  This previous blog post (https://unofficialsf.com/running-screen-flows-in-slack/) provides exceptional detail into how Salesforce screen flows can […]

Working with Remote Site Settings

Some Flow extensions use Salesforce public API’s. They basically go out from your org, into the Internet, and then back into Salesforce. When they do this, they run into some of the web security that Salesforce uses to protect your org. These registrations are called Remote Site Setting. For API’s on the public surface of […]

‘Analyze Flows’ Compares Two Flow Versions and Reports on the Differences

For a long time, we’ve wanted to address the manageability gap that Flow has regarding version control: There has never been a practical way to compare two versions. This new Flow application provides a set of comparison tools. Here’s an example of the kind of report that gets generated when two versions are compared: The […]