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Note that this is NOT an official Salesforce website and that some of the content available here is not official Salesforce-supported technology.

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Create Custom Metadata Records from Flow & a CSV File

From Salesforce MVP Narender Singh comes a nifty screen component that lets you create Custom Metadata Records from a CSV file from an embedded screen component: Check it out This is especially neat because it’s currently pretty difficult to mass create custom metadata records as you cannot use Apex or Dataloader. Thanks Narender! For you […]

From Christopher Hickman, Advanced CPQ Productivity using Flow

Christopher has created two very detailed posts that show how Flow can help facilitate some advanced tools for Salesforce CPQ implementations. This article focuses on using Lookup Queries to calculate prices: …and this one involves using Flow to prefill fields in a guided selling process: I’ve long wanted to see someone apply Flow to the […]

From Sheshant Kashyap, a New Way to Do SOQL ‘IN’ Queries in Flow

Sheshant blogs via Salesforce Binge, and has posted an installable action that lets you build up IN queries using Assignment elements: It’s a nice addition to SOQL support extensions, which currently include: A Graphical SOQL Query Builder for Flow, plus an Execute SOQL Action Execute SOQL V1.2: Handles Flow Dates Properly and works with Flow […]

From Melody: New Flow Tutorial Posts on a New Flow Blog

We always love seeing a new Flow-focused blog. Here’s one from Melody. Noteworthy: she offers to build flows to order to solve your problem! To see our list of this and other Flow Blogs, go here.

New Einstein Automate Playbook Available from Salesforce Marketing

Our marketing colleagues have put together a polished 20-page PDF ‘Playbook’ that talks about Flow and the larger Einstein Automate family of Salesforce solutions. This content is primarily aimed at business decision makers and you may not find it as directly applicable as some of the other content at UnofficialSF but it does a great […]