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What’s new with Datatable

There is a new release (v4.0.5) of the Datatable component available. The updates include: Enhanced handling of saved Column Configuration files Saved column configuration attributes can now be > 255 characters A new output attribute (Selected Row Key Field Value) This value is populated only when a single row is selected and is designed to […]

Clarifications on Merge Field Syntax Evaluation Change in Summer ’22

We’ve received lots of questions about an impending change related to how merge field syntax is rendered when it comes from record data in screen flows in Summer ‘22. I thought it would be a good idea to talk a bit more about it using some scenarios to help clarify what is changing. From the […]

Two Ways to Send SMS Messages From Flow Using MessageBird

I’ve been playing around with communications services and wanted to try sending an SMS using the popular MessageBird platform. In the video shown here, I demonstrate how you can do this with the No-Code HTTP Callout action that’s available for installation as an extension, along with a hard-learned lesson about including the required headers. I […]

Introducing Salesforce Flow for Slack

At TrailblazerDX last month, Salesforce officially announced Salesforce Flow for Slack as part of a larger announcement about Flow expansion and success. Here’s more detail on what this announcement means and represents. Four New Flow Capabilities Flow for Slack encompasses four new Flow & Approval Processes capabilities: A set of Flow Actions that enable flows […]

Developer Notes: Packaging Changes to the Base Packs

Version 3.0 of FlowActionsBasePack will shortly be available. It is still a managed package, but the namespace of 3.0 and all subsequent versions of FlowActionsBasePack is ‘usf3’ instead of ‘usf’. Version 3.0.6 of Flow Screen Components Base Pack is being released at the same time. It requires Version 3.0 of FlowActionsBasePack. 9 files that made […]