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New Version of Datatable

If you have a Sandbox that has been updated to Winter 23 Patch 12 you may run into an issue with the Datatable component where you will get an error if you edit any rows or if you select just a single row. Salesforce is working on an underlying issue in Version 3 of the […]

From Munawrrahman: Trigger Screen Flows with Backend Events

Being able to pop up a screen flow when something happens can be very useful. Previous explorations include the Detect and Launch component, which focuses on being on a record page and detecting changes to that record. Mun’s solution uses platform events as a transport mechanisms, so it’s a more broadly applicable solution. Check it […]

From Renato Oliveira: New Business Hours Actions

Renato has built a package that exposes the main Business Hours functions that are normally only available to Apex developers: Here are the actions: BusinessHoursAddAction (businessHoursId, startDate, intervalMilliseconds)Adds an interval of time from a start Datetime traversing business hours only. Returns the result Datetime in the local time zone. BusinessHoursAddGmtAction (businessHoursId, startDate, intervalMilliseconds)Adds an interval […]

Known Issue Workaround: Email Alert Misbehaves with Queues

This is in regard to this known issue. This bug is in very old Email Alert code and Salesforce is not prioritizing work in that part of the code base. Here’s a fairly straightforward workaround that replaces the Email Alert with a Send Email action in a flow. For this workaround, we’ll use the exact […]