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New update for Datatable

There is a new update for Datatable (v4.1.1) I’ve added reactivity for Apex-Defined objects and fixed a bug where the results of the DataFetcher component weren’t being reactive on the initial load of the flow screen. I also made the placeholder text “Enter search term …” for the Search Bar a translatable label. You can […]

Using Named Credentials with Flow Actions

I recently built an invocable action that uses the Tooling API. I had been hoping to handle authentication automatically using SessionId, but this action needs to be able to work in background flows like record-change triggered flows, and there’s no obvious SessionId in those cases. So I ended up setting what I’ll call ‘proper’ authentication. […]

Check out the Latest Datatable Enhancements

It’s been a few months, but I hope it has been worth the wait for some of the fixes and enhancements you’ll see in the latest version of Datatable. I squashed a couple of bugs including: A few of the minor enhancements are: The two big enahancements are the addition of an optional Search Bar […]

Retrieve Flow Metadata Synchronously with ‘Retrieve Flow Metadata’ Action

The community has built some powerful tools that enable flow metadata to be retrieved, modified and deployed. These tools were used, for example, in the unofficial Convert Process Builder tools. However, these tools make direct use of the metadata api, which is asynchronous. That means that they have to be deployed in the form of […]

Reactive Screens: How to Turn a 7 Element Flow Into 1

When Winter ’23 release arrived, it brought with it Data Table and IN operator. I was excited to use them and wrote a blog on how it helped me solve a use case that was not possible to achieve with standard reports. I was happy with the 7 steps flow I created to achieve thisNow, […]