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Tutorials for the New ‘Action Builder’ (HTTP Callout) in Flow Spring ’23

Check out these early introductions from Josh Dayment, Andy Utkan, and Daryl Moon. This is a truly disruptive feature because every time someone makes a new Action using the official HTTP Callout tool, it generates a piece of External Service metadata that’s packageable and redistributable. So, for example, if 3 or 4 of the Flowhana […]

From Drive Connect: Automate the Creation of Google Drive Folders using Salesforce Flow

Editor’s Note: UnofficialSF is pleased to enable commercial creators of Flow extensions like Drive Connect to introduce their products and demonstrate useful use cases. One of our goals is to see a rich tier of commercial solutions in addition to the many free extensions that will continue to be available. Content provided by Drive Connect […]

From Andy Haas: A high-volume Convert CSV To Records screen component

If you want to import a CSV file, you can use this existing invocable action. It has a good feature set, but there are some limits on the file size that can be imported that stem from backend Salesforce limits. Andy Haas has provide a complementary Flow Screen Component that also allows CSV imports. This […]

Process approvals using a screen flow in Slack

With the Spring 23 release, screen flows in Slack will be generally available. I set out to explore one use case. Approvals in Slack are currently possible but have some limitations I wanted to see if I can improve on that by using a screen flow in Slack. This blog will not cover the initial […]