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Note that this is NOT an official Salesforce website and that some of the content available here is not official Salesforce-supported technology.

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Easily Indent Screen Fields

As of Spring ’21, you can combine Conditional Field Visibility with Multicolumn Screens to indent a block of child fields. You’ll see how applying Coditional Field Visibility to a Section allows an entire block of components to easily be turned on or off.

Extending Flow Overview Video

Hi everyone! I recently worked on a video to help give an overview on when and why you might use Flow extensions. I also cover some good sample scenarios using various actions and also cover some lessons learned. Check out the summary (with helpful clickable timestamps) below! Here’s the video: Slides (with the hyperlinks to […]

sendBetterEmail: Release 2.1.0

The new version of this email action for Flow replaces previous versions, Send Rich Email, and Send HTML. It has two functional additions and several bug fixes. Treat Target Object As Recipient – Optional. If set to true, the targetObjectId (a contact, lead, or user) is the recipient of the email. If set to false, the […]

Mergician – Make Unnecessary Formula Fields Disappear!

Here’s a great new Flow Action from the team at Gears Design. Use the Mergician app with Salesforce Flow to quickly and easily create custom copy for chatter posts, custom notifications & emails – or any other scenario where you need to leverage Salesforce’s merge field syntax in Flow.  Ever tried to use default Flow […]

New Flow Tutorial Videos from Salesforce Break

Check out this new set of video tutorials from Andy Utkan at ‘Salesforce Break’: Here’s where you can find him on Trailblazer Communities.