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Developer Note: How to Get the SessionId to Use When Calling from An Action Back to Salesforce

All API calls into Salesforce endpoints require an authorization. Generally, the SessionId will suffice for this, allowing you to avoid having to set up Auth Providers and Named Credentials just to make an API call to your own org. However, for security reasons, it’s tricky to get the SessionId from Apex. I’m not sure why […]

How to find out if the active versions of your flows are the most recent versions

Why would one want to know if the active version of a flow is the most recent version? There are a couple of reasons why I need to know this information. I am deploying a large Project from a Sandbox to a Production org where by default, active flows are deployed as inactive.  I then […]

Writing Test Classes for Invocable Methods and Invocable Variables

If you need a primer on invocable methods or invocable variables, check out this blog. To keep things consistent, this post references the same Product Selector pro-bono project for Playworks. Here is the inner class of invocable variables. And here is the invocable method, which takes a list of Requests objects as an input parameter. […]

Running Screen Flows in Slack

With Winter ’23, it’s possible to send screen flows to a Slack user or channel, and enable them to run the flows without leaving Slack. There are two great use cases for enabling your screen flows to run in Slack: I you have users who spend time in Slack, they may want to have a […]

Guides to Flow and Flow Orchestration at DF ’22

Here’s the Trail Map of Flow-centric Activities: The links don’t work in these images, but you can search for them here. For Flow Orchestration, focus on the following: How to Automate Any Business Process Do More with Less Using Automation and App Dev Interactive: Workflow Orchestration Supercharge Slack with Flow Actions and Orchestrator. Automate Your […]