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Developer Note: Adding Automatic Output Variable Support to your Custom Property Editor

The Custom Property Editor Developer’s Guide has been updated to include material about the new @api automaticOutputVariables attribute. If you use FlowComboBox in your CPE, you should create this attribute and then make sure to pass the resulting data to FlowComboBox along with the builderContext data. This will cause your embedded ComboBoxes to provide access […]

Changes to Number and Currency Components in Summer ’21

Here are some minor changes that were not documented officially. Number and Currency Components The Number and Currency components were upgraded to new LWC technology. This results in the following new behavior: When not in focus, the value is rounded or zero-padded according to the scale. This affects value presentation only. It has no impact […]

10 Ways to Get Creative With Lightning Components

Are you looking for a taste of what you can find on here on Unofficialsf.com? How about some ideas on how to put some of the more popular Flow Components found on this site to work for you? Are you looking to improve how your users interact with your Lightning Record Pages? Find all that […]

The “Ultimate” Guide to Flow Best Practices and Standards

Check out my newest post on the #AwesomeAdmin Success Blog highlighting even more Flow best practices and standards. It even includes a handy checklist at the end for you to run through after making a Flow: https://admin.salesforce.com/blog/2021/the-ultimate-guide-to-flow-best-practices-and-standards

Developer Note: Flow Combo Box Now Supports Automatic Output References

Here’s what Flow Combo Box displayed previously: As of FlowScreenComponentsBasePack version 2.3.7 and higher, Flow Combobox also makes automatic references available: