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Sneaking Dynamic Data into Email Templates with Send Rich Email

As discussed in the Email Templates section of the Send Rich Email action, Salesforce Lightning Email Templates have an ability to merge data in dynamically, but it’s limited. You can only merge in fields from a core set of supported Standard records: Lead, Contact, User: What if you want to merge in additional dynamic data? […]

Get Group Info: User Emails and More

You can provide Send Rich Email with a collection of Email addresses, but how do you get that information out of a Public Group? This new GetGroupInfo Flow action takes a group name or Id and returns a list of information about the Users in that group (and in any of the child groups that […]

Convert Record Data into Tables for Email Automation With ‘Generate Collection Report’

Suppose you have a set of records and you want to insert them into an email message. To do this, you can use the updated GenerateCustomReport action to generate a chunk of HTML suitable for adding to the Body of an email action that supports rich text, like Send Rich Email. You pass in a […]