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From Chase Kaiser: A New Quick Choice Feature – “InstantNavigation Mode”

“InstantNavigation Mode” is a new feature added to the Quick Choice component (now located in the new flowscreencomponentsbasepack) that, when set to true, triggers a navigateNext event when a visual card is selected.  This allows for fast navigation through a flow, especially when additional processing is needed based on the selection before further inputs/screens can […]

From the Salesforce Heroku Team: Extend Flows with Heroku Compute and External Services

This detailed blog post from Salesforce shows how to use a specification created using the Open API Spec to generate Flow Action via External Services. So far, that’s not really new. But then the authors show how you can create a Heroku-based implementation of that API using Node.js. Finally, they show how platform events can […]

Chance for Glory 3: Contribute to Two Cool New Flow Extensions: ProcessBuilderAndWorkflowRulesConverter and Flexcards

I wanted to invite anyone in the Flowhana who can write some code to participate in a couple of team efforts that are spinning up. On the Apex side, we want to extend the Process Builder Converter tool. Current work items include adding support for PB processes that couldn’t be converted in Summer ’20 but […]

Introducing Flow BasePacks

We’re learning a great deal as we go about how to create reusable packs of classes and components to speed flow extensibility. Building on that, we’re introducing two new Flow ‘BasePacks’ that will replace the original FlowBaseComponents. There will be one for Actions and one for ScreenComponents. This is being done because there are really […]