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Get Group Info: User Emails and More

You can provide Send Rich Email with a collection of Email addresses, but how do you get that information out of a Public Group? This new GetGroupInfo Flow action takes a group name or Id and returns a list of information about the Users in that group (and in any of the child groups that […]

Convert Record Data into Tables for Email Automation With ‘Generate Collection Report’

Suppose you have a set of records and you want to insert them into an email message. To do this, you can use the updated GenerateCustomReport action to generate a chunk of HTML suitable for adding to the Body of an email action that supports rich text, like Send Rich Email. You pass in a […]

Use the ‘Commit Transaction’ Action to Get More From Your Screen Flow Limits

CommitTransaction is a simple Flow Action that works in Screen Flows and simply causes any open DML transaction to close. This is the same thing that happens whenever a Screen element executes or when a Flow ends. Having it in the form of this action allows you to close transactions in places where you might […]

Convert Process Builder Processes to Flow Builder Flows

Starting with Summer ’20, some Process Builder processes (which are technically Flows with process type ‘Workflow) can be converted to Flows of process type ‘Autolaunched’. The new flow shows up in Flow Builder and takes advantage of the new Record Change trigger that Flow Builder now supports. The package here will install into your org […]

Flow and Process Builder List View with Batch Delete

Flow and Process Builder List View with Batch Delete I’ve been following a couple of ideas on the Idea Exchange for a while now.  One has over 11,000 points and 13 merged ideas.  Process Builder – List View and the other Allow Mass Deletion of Inactive Process Builder Versions has over 4,000 points with 4 merged ideas. I don’t […]