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Keep Screen Flows in Sync with Record Data on Lightning Record Pages

Vibhor Goel wrote an excellent post on using Visualforce to keep record data displayed in Flows in-sync with any changes made on a Lightning Record Page. He shows you how you can automatically update and refresh a Screen Flow when a record is updated. Check out the article here: https://www.accidentalcodersf.com/2020/09/keep-screen-flow-in-sync-with-record-page.html.

Check out the new addition to unofficialsf.com!

We have been posting about great things you can do with Flow and do in Lighting for quite some time now. When you click on Flow from the Home Page and then look at what is available to Extend Flows, you get to view and select from a number of different Flow Screen Components, Flow […]

What to do when you have trouble updating a component

Many of the components on this site get updated on a regular basis with new enhancements. All you should need to do is follow the installation instructions to bring the component version up to date in your own orgs. Unfortunately, the methods and versions of the packaging tools we’ve used to produce these updated releases […]

The Definitive Guide to Managing Access for Guest User Accounts

There have been a lot of changes to what you have to do to let Guest Flows read and write data. Here’s a guide: Check it out!

From ProvenWorks: A Replacement Address Component With All Sorts of Smart Verification

One thing I really like to see: Flow Components with price tags. That typically means customer support and solid, deep functionality. A recently available ‘pro’ component for your consideration: AddressTools from ProvenWorks. They already had a potent lightning component that checks the validity of addresses. They’ve now exposed that functionality via two new Flow Screen […]