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New Flow Action: Convert Files to Attachments

This action takes a collection of Content Document Links and returns a collection of Attachments. This is useful when you want to send files as attachments in email, because the Salesforce email infrastructure is still attachment-based. For more information on how these entities interact, see this and explore the test flow included in the package […]

Flow Email Now Supports Attachments and Organization-Wide Email Addresses

The recently created Send HTML Email Flow Action has been upgraded to add attachment support and support for Organization-Wide Email Addresses. In addition, it comes packaged with a new ConvertFilesToAttachments Flow Action useful when working with Salesforce Files.

New Lightning Record Page Component

Dani Finkelshtein was looking for an enhancement to my Quick Action Button page component. Rather than a single button, she wanted to be able to show up to 5 buttons that could each launch a Quick Action. Check out the new Quick Action Buttons component.

Dynamically Launch Autolaunched Flows from Other Autolaunched Flows

Hell of a title. In this post, we recently discussed how you can dynamically launch new screen flows from a screen flow by creating a flow URL and opening it with your browser. Recently, I had a similar requirement to launch autolaunched flows dynamically from a parent autolaunched flows. In this flow app, the user […]