Spring ’20 Release Readiness Live – Developer Broadcast with Dynamic SObject Demo

The Developer Broadcast includes a section presented by Developer Evangelist Anny He that goes deep on creating a collection processor. Check it out!

Spring ’20 Flow “Release Readiness Live” Broadcast

This is the big one. Nearly 90 minutes of intensive Flow content, straight from product management. Check it out!

QuickChoice Update: Now with Column Width Control, Plus Bug Fixes

You can now pass in a number of pixels (default is 320) in the attribute “style_width” to set the width of the control.

Problem preventing Get Layouts action from working in non-debug environments have been fixed.

“ObjectAndFieldName” attribute has been removed to simplify the interface, which still has an Object Name and a Field Name for use specifying picklist fields to use as choice inputs. (Note that you may need to remove the quick choice component from existing flows in order to install this version. We’ll try not to mess with the interface, moving forward.)

Learn more about QuickChoice.

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Flow and File Upload


Salesforce makes a File Upload screen component available. It’s documented here. This component requires a recordId and associates the uploaded files with that record. It can accept multiple files and returns a collection of ids representing the uploaded file. These ID’s are of the type Content Document (Note that this is different from the older ‘Attachment’ Object Type).

More detail on the different ways files can be used in Flow is available here.


David Litton: The Lowdown on Uploading a File inside a Flow

Automation Champion:Enhance Productivity by Uploading Files Directly from a Flow!)

Using Before-Save Flow and Custom Metadata Type to Update a Region​ Field

Salesforce Spring ’20 Release brings us a powerful enhancement – Flow Builder before-save updates.

In the following article, Gidi Abramovich demonstrates how to use this feature to update a Region field.

Check It Out

ProfessorFlow.com: A new Flow Blog with Datatable Mods and Visual Picklists

Chris Van Der Merwe has launched a promising new Flow Blog this week, starting out with an article explaining how to mod Eric Smith’s Datatable component for orgs where permissions limitations prevent the standard version from working. He has followed it up with a streamlined Visual Picklist component that automatically transitions to the next page as soon as the button is clicked.

Jessie Rymph Updates 10,000 Records With A Single Flow and One of the New Collection Processors

Check out Jessie’s exploration of the limits frontier as she puts the new Map Collection action through its paces.

How to update the datatableFSC component to handle a single object

Chris Van Der Merwe has written a nice post on how he customized the datatableFSC component to handle a single custom object. His post gives easy to follow step-by-step instructions that a non-developer can easily follow to create a version of the datatable componet to support any object of their choice.

Get Record Type Info by Object – Flow Action

This action can be used to generate a list of record types for a specific object. This can be useful when you would like to present a record type selector to the user. Can be used as inputs to the QuickChoice managed package by setting Input Mode to “Dual String Collections”. Pass in one output collection for Labels and one for the underlying values


Object NameStringAPI name of the target object example “Task” or “MyObject__c”
ignoreMasterRecordTypeBooleanIf “on” then “Master” will not be added to the list of record types
onlyReturnActiveRecordTypesBooleanIf “on” then only active record types will be added to the list
onlyReturnRecordTypesAvailableToCurrentUserBooleanIf “on” then only record types available to the current user will be returned


errorsStringcaptures details of any error that occurred
recordTypeIdsStringIds of the records types.
recordTypeNamesStringNames of the record types.


Install this action as part of the QuickChoice managed package or as a standalone package.